About us

The industrial park is a well-delineated economic area in which businesses locate themselves, having access to infrastructure and utilities, which are administered by a company.

“Business Park Bistrița South” (BPBS) is an industrial park located within Bistrița City. Its purpose is revitalization of regional economy, boost foreign direct investments in our region and create new jobs. The industrial park infrastructure will be achieved through a project financed under the Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013. Industrial park is a tool for local development as a whole, and the role of the local authorities is to promote the establishment and development of these business infrastructures.

The idea of founding Business Park Bistrița Sud came from the desire to offer our customers an organized structure, a sustainable project at the quality standards required by each customer, with halls specifically built to suit the companies’ specific activities. We take care of everything relating to land, design, permits, construction and utilities, while our customers focus on their production activities.