Business Park Bistrita Sud

The industrial park is a well-delineated economic area in which businesses locate themselves, having access to infrastructure and utilities, which are administered by a company. “Business Park Bistrița South” (BPBS) is an industrial park located within Bistrița City. Its purpose is revitalization of regional economy, boost foreign direct investments in our region and create new jobs.


Park structure

Area: 30 ha
Logistics: 12 %
Industry: 38%
Administration: 5%
Lawn: 15 %
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The European 58 speed way – 1.8 km.
The railway – 1.2 km.
Wastewater Treatment Plant – in the proximity of the Park.
Cluj Airport – 100 km.
Wien – 750 km away of which 500 on highway
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Internal Road Network/Parking.
Water Supply Line.
Sewerage System.
Power Supply/Lighting Network.
Heating networks/Natural gas pipeline available in the park.
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